CAPTURE TOTALE C.E.L.L. ENERGY* Firming & wrinkle-correcting eye cream

CAPTURE TOTALE C.E.L.L. ENERGY* Firming & wrinkle-correcting eye cream

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Dior's best total age-defying eye cream born from Dior’s research on mother cells and its floral expertise. Dior’s Totale Anti-Ageing Eye Care, enriched with Phytosterols, helps soothe, revitalise and improve the look of the eye area.
The eye contour feels re-energised, marks of time, stress and fatigue appear reduced.
The eye area looks smoothed and firmed with a healthy glow.


Through the action of the age-defying eye cream, the eye contour appears instantly revitalized, freed from the marks of time, stress and fatigue. Intensely smoothed and firmer-looking, the eye area appears alert and bright, day after day.


This balm with a "second-skin" texture is perfectly adapted for the delicate and vulnerable eye area.


Capture Totale is the unique* alliance of Dior's mother cell research and floral expertise. By capturing the life force of 4 exceptional flowers (Longoza from Dior Gardens, Peony, White Lily and Jasmine), Dior's patented** the technology that energizes the skin. They are combined with the next-generation vector boost*** their assimilation by the skin by 30%. The formula is enriched with phytosterols that target dark circles and restore the skin.
Formulated with 84% natural-origin ingredients.****

* At Dior.
** Patent granted for longoza extract England EP1933808.
*** In vitro test on ingredient.
**** Percentage of natural ingredients in the eye cream. Percentage of water included. In compliance with the ISO 16128 standard Parts 1 and 2. The remaining 16% have been carefully selected to optimize the formula’s effectiveness and stability.


Super-activated correction of aging signs: +11% skin smooth appearance* -12% wrinkles appearance* +12% skin firmness* * Self-scoring, 31 women, after 1 month.


Apply the eye contour during the morning and night.



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