Thank you for your DIOR purchase

Bravo! You did something good today and you just found out. 

At DIOR we believe that in the power of nature lies what is truly good. 
Bettering the world begins with us. Learning about our environmental impact, making lifestyle changes, inspiring and encouraging those we love to do the same, because our small actions add up to make a big difference.


DIOR's magical Art of Gifting is not just wrapped with the signature and unique Savoir-Faire. All of our gifts are wrapped in eco-friendly recycled paper.

Our delivery packaging is made from Brazilian sugar cane, during which its production process saves 3kg  of carbon dioxide for every kg of raw material, reduced the environmental pollution, compared to standard packaging.

Our mission is to implement eco-friendly practices at the core of our business practices. DIOR's unique approach of eco-conception prevents contributions to air, water and land pollution by 30%.


What are carbon emissions and why do we need to reduce them?


Carbon emissions are the world’s biggest contributor to global warming, and it’s our responsibility to offset our impact as much as possible.

We’re doing our part to reduce emissions through more efficient packaging.  




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