POISON GIRL Unexpected roller-pearl
POISON GIRL Unexpected roller-pearl
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POISON GIRL Unexpected roller-pearl

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Poison Girl Unexpected is housed in a new Roller-Pearl bottle. A discreet and elegant glass bottle topped with a delicate pearl for a free and easy new approach to fragrance application.

For fragrance touch-ups or perfuming on the go, Poison Girl Unexpected Roller-Pearl is as precious as a gem.

ACCURATE AND CONTROLLED APPLICATION: A glass bead tip delivers just the right amount of fragrance right where you want it, with no waste.

VELVET TOUCH: A luxuriously sensual, ultra-light and fresh texture.

TRAVEL: A 20 ml bottle you can take anywhere. The bottle is hermetically sealed with a screw-on cap.

With Poison Girl Unexpected, François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, shakes up noble ingredients with sassy, spirited accords to create a new, fresh and sparkling floral that is totally... Unexpected!

For a Poison Girl who wants to apply her fragrance with confidence, whenever, wherever.


"With Poison Girl Unexpected, I wanted to bring the strong, contradictory sensation of a sour candy into a fragrance. I played with the contrast of a fruity note that would swell into a spicy, sexy accord. A ginger note slightly seasoned with a dash of salt was the obvious answer. It conveys all the "expressive" charm of those tart candies that explode in your mouth and then give way to sweetness."

François Demachy, Parfumeur-Créateur Dior



Ginger is a tropical plant that grows in humid, sunny climates. Ginger has been used for its medicinal qualities since ancient times, and its sweet, fresh fragrance is inimitable. The rhizomes of the ginger root give off its unique scent after stream distillation.


Native to Turkey and Bulgaria, the Damascus rose is used as an essence or an absolute. A key ingredient in the perfume's palette, it finds full expression in the heart note of the finest fragrances.


The bean is picked from the tree and dried before being ground into a powder. This powder is then used to make the concrete or absolute. Intense and textured, tonka bean gives off a sweet, warm scent.


The new fragrance gesture - Poison Girl Roller-Pearl


PRICE PER 100ml: 870 ILS

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