J'ADORE Shower and bath oil

J'ADORE Shower and bath oil

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The Shower and Bath Oil cleans, enhances and delicately perfumes skin with the enveloping floral notes of J'adore. The oil texture melts onto skin and makes a fine lather on contact with water. Add a few drops directly to your bath water to prolong this moment of pleasure.


Inspired by the J'adore amphora, the bath oil is adorned with a loose, flowing necklace like delicate jewelry dancing around a woman's neck.


Prolong the trail of J'adore Eau de Parfum with the J'adore Shower and Bath Oil:
1. Clean and enhance the skin with the caress of the Shower and Bath Oil.
2. Soften your skin with the rich and creamy J'adore Lait Sublime.
3. Spray J'adore on pulse points.


PRICE PER 100ml: 107.50 ILS

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