DIOR BRONZE Beautifying protective creme sublime glow - spf 30 - face

DIOR BRONZE Beautifying protective creme sublime glow - spf 30 - face

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Beautifying Protective Creme Sublime Glow - SPF 30: more than just protective care, embellishing skincare. The Dior suncare instantly embellishes the skin while intensely protecting it.


The skin is protected against photo-induced aging and free radicals thanks to a combination of broad-spectrum UVA and UVB filters, as well as an antioxidant.
The tan-perfecting effect of the Tan Beautifier Complex gives the skin a sustained, sublime glow that is more intense, natural and longer-lasting with every day.
Also available in SPF 50.


The milky, ultra-lightweight and fresh texture offers an immediate sensation of freshness for a soft skin with an imperceptible finish. Instantly, the skin is enveloped in the delicate Dior Bronze fragrance of Polynesian flowers. The line's iconic signature returns in a less extravagant, more subtle and refined version. The sensation of freshness remains long after the application.



Skin is protected from sun exposure with SPF 30.
The texture is pleasant and comfortable for 100% of women.*
Glow is natural and even for 98% of women.*

* Self-assessment by 43 women aged 26 - 66.


Apply generously to the face before sun exposure and reapply frequently, especially after swimming. Avoid the eye area. 



PRICE PER 100ml: 310 ILS

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